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Making A Home Environment Safe for The Elderly

We live in a world of modern medical wonders and what was considered to be elderly just a few years ago is now a thing of the past. The accepted age of elderly people was considered to be 65 but that is fast becoming a modern myth. As our population ages and people are living longer and longer for both men and women, having a home security system is more than a convenience it is a necessity. As our population ages and individuals and couples are living on their own, homes they become vulnerable to home invasions, robbery, and theft. Our homes are places of comfort, familiarity, safe havens that provide a feeling of continued independence, safe and secure. But seniors who continue to live in their own home need to take precautions most of us take for granted. Even sharing one’s home with an elderly parent (s), one must take into consideration potential safety issues that may arise. Protection from what their age and abilities enable them to guard themselves is very important in today’s environment. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. a security alarm provider in North Florida, has been protecting our elderly population for over 40 years. The security systems being installed today are relatively easy to operate and maintain for even an aged population. Also, the fact of just knowing that a local central monitoring center is maintaining surveillance over your home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week is an added value of security most elderly who live alone couldn’t live without. Besides having a layer of electronic security protection, ESI is sensitive to the issues our elderly face every day.

We have compiled a list of what we believe are the most important precautions that should be taken to protect older senior citizens living alone.  

Preventing Accidental Falls and Sustaining Injuries

For many seniors, accidental falls can lead to serious injuries including broken bones, head injuries, and bruises. Accidents like these can be reduced by installing additional lighting to mitigate the chance of aged vision not seeing impediments that could cause a catastrophic fall.

Poor lighting and a decrease of vision are usually common culprits. A person’s eyesight changes as they age affecting their ability to see clearly. Poor lighting, slippery floors, area rugs, and fallen items are dangerous obstacles. Many elderly people have dogs or cats that could cause a fall. At ESI we recommend all our elderly clients have Personal Alert Device/Pendants and Bracelets which is an affordable, supervised wireless system that can transmit an emergency signal when trouble arises.

Caring for Early Stage Dementia and Alzheimer Parents

At ESI we have a great deal of experience assisting homeowners, commercial medical facilities, and ACLU’s who provide care and housing for early or late-stage dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, which is a neurodegenerative condition that worsen over time. This dreaded disease is fast becoming the Baby Boomer’s worst nightmare and for those responsible for their care. Protecting these types of patients in-home presents many challenges and concerns over safety. ESI has an affordable solution that is an exclusive security system called an Adult Care Alert System (ACA). This security shield notifies a caregiver by text or email when a door has been opened and our local monitoring center 24/7. ESI’s Central Monitoring Center, staffed by experienced and trained monitoring personnel then in turn notifies the caregiver to ensure they have also received the alert. This ACA security system can be armed and disarmed from a cell phone, computer, or tablet and from any keypad at the residence. 

Safety First

Home security for seniors means much more than just installing a security alarm system, it means having the ability to monitor behaviors and environments to ensure that our senior’s safety is at all times ensured. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial and high-end residential security alarm company whose mission is protecting and defending our aged population with real-time solutions.

Why ESI?

As our name suggests, ESI is a highly advanced security alarm company providing state-of-the-art security shields for home, office, business, and governmental entities. We design and create security systems that detect problems before they become emergencies. For over 40 years, ESI has been assisting homeowners and businesses with products and services that are both affordable and scalable to fit any security application. Give one of our highly trained security consultants a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation security consultation and see why ESI is North Florida’s first choice for home and business security.