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Video Surveillance and the Cannabis Industry

With the Cannabis industry gaining ground and further government regulations being established, Cannabis growers are falling under addition scrutiny as never before. Video surveillance systems are being installed at record numbers to all licensees who have facilities to grow, store, pack and even loading and unloading in areas of buildings were cannabis products will be distributed. These security video applications are State mandated to protect these drugs from being acquired illegally. These laws hold true in both Florida and Georgia where Cannabis or marijuana medicinal use has been legalized. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. is a commercial security alarm company servicing all of the North Florida and South Georgia markets where these business activities are taking place. It is estimated that by 2021, almost 32 billion dollars will be spent on cannabis products across the United States. In just 2019 alone, both medicinal and recreation Cannabis use, involving many states, has accounted for over 24 billion dollars’ worth of business. While there are many different regulatory and compliance laws that vary by state, the minimum-security requirements mandate that all Cannabis licensees have immediate access to surveillance recordings of their facilities. The amount of video surveillance equipment needed depends on the size, structure, number of exits of both the growing and distribution facilities. Additionally, these Cannabis businesses are required to install professional grade surveillance systems only commercial video can provide. Images must be clear in surveillance areas and records of these recordings kept for up to in some states 90 days. ESI specializes in video surveillance equipment for the cannabis industry and has installed video systems all across the tri-state area.

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Cannabis licensees are also required to install security systems to protect from, fire, intrusion, theft, both internal and external, and chemical spillage. ESI has over 40 years of protecting commercial businesses with state-of-the-art security technology. We create expandable security shields that are affordable, effective and durable. As required by law, 24/hour a day surveillance is required and ESI has one of the most effective Central Monitoring Centers in the south. Security downtimes puts businesses in a vulnerable position and at risk of a violation if, State audited. Many small business owners don’t have the infrastructure to support the high level ‘hands-on’ security a traditional system requires. Cannabis businesses also require a security system, sophisticated enough to back up their data should the unexpected occur. The Cost of Violating Compliance can result in surrender licenses, hefty fines and even expulsion from the cannabis industry altogether. Cutting edge security technology protection is a must and ESI has the training, technology and experience to support these businesses and comply with State regulations. Growing, cultivating and distributing these very valuable cannabis products are not only a major investment needing protection, but if stolen are hard to trace.

Why Choose ESI?

Video surveillance solutions from ESI protect, not only the product but the enterprise as a whole. On-premise and cloud-based security systems for the cannabis industry is a specialized field and should not be left up to just any security alarm company. Give ESI a call today to discuss having a security shield developed to protect your investment. Call us at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation consultation. View our marijuana/cannabis security page on our website @