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Here we are with another year gone by and hopefully, it comes with renewed optimism about the future in the face of uncertainty. What a great chance to start the new year off on a positive note and finding a security company in Jacksonville Fl, with service before, during, and after the sale is what you should be looking for. First, subscribe to a good plan for protecting your customers, employees, assets, and family starts with a security shield designed and installed by ESI. ESI, Emergency Systems Inc, is the leader in the home, office, and business security field with sales, installation, and local monitoring services. For over forty years, ESI has been protecting businesses, office environments, and families with the most advanced, state-of-the-art security solutions designed by the world’s leading security manufacturers. In today’s ever-changing, fast-paced world, most people are turning to security providers who can deliver affordable security solutions to any structure. If you are considering purchasing a security system for your home, office, business, apartment, or even storage facility, be careful about the products that you choose and the company you will need to rely upon for monitoring services after the installation. Many stay-at-home employees know it is just a matter of time before they will be called back into the office and many offices are being changed to fit the new office scale with essential workers. Moving existing security systems can be a costly challenge and many security systems only installed just a few years ago are already outdated and vulnerable to hacking and breach. It has become attractive for many homeowners to consider purchasing cheaper than commercial-grade security cameras, digital, off the shelf security systems with promises of efficient protection. In most cases, nothing could be further from the truth and when you consider all of the individual components you will need to protect the average size home and the cost of supplies; it can be expensive. Even more disturbing are the online, non-secured WiFi security cameras being sold at very cheap prices that have been purchased with surveillance vulnerabilities that allow hackers access to the devices, worldwide.

Monitoring and Surveillance

Wifi installed security systems are made to be uncompromised security shields if they are comprised of commercial-grade components and installed by professional security alarm personnel. But just as important as the security system itself is the professional monitoring that needs to accompany it. At ESI we have gone to great lengths to employ and equip our security monitoring technicians with the most up-to-date training available.

Install Commercial Grade Products, Get Professional Monitoring

ESI, Emergency Systems Inc. has been designing, installing, and offering monitoring services for businesses, offices, and homes for over 40 years. We understand the pitfalls associated with purchasing substandard, non-commercial grade security systems in Jacksonville Fl, acquired over the counter, on the internet, or in Big Box Stores. As a high-end residential and commercial security provider, ESI’s technicians design, install, repair, and replace security equipment for every type of security application. ESI carries the most sophisticated and advanced security products available on the market today. Take the new video camera in a motion detector product called Videofied. This is a real-time video recorder activated only when the motion detector detects someone or something across its path. Our monitoring station is then notified of alarm activation and can view the field in real-time to determine if the area has been breached by an intruder. This amazing security device is also portable and great for a construction firm to employ it on work sites. Videofied, when activated, displays a real-time video feed making alarm activations verifiable. This allows law enforcement and first-responders to respond more quickly and efficiently.

ESI is also an award-winning local monitor company for all of the security equipment it installs. ESI only employs highly trained security personnel. ESI is a full-service security alarm company that provides fire, burglar, fire suppression/water sprinkler systems, motion detectors, keyless entry/access control systems, video camera, CCTV surveillance, silent and panic alarms, cellular boosting products, electric gate operating devices, IP internet monitoring, all protected by an advanced local monitoring center. Give us a call today at 904-388-3975 for a free, no-obligation security analysis conducted by one of our highly trained and experienced security technicians. Visit our website at GetEsi.Com for a complete list of our services, product lines, and manufacturers we represent. For over 40 years we have been the leader in providing security to North Central and North Florida businesses and residential customers.